How to use ChatGPT as an actual AI copywriting tool?

How to use ChatGPT as an actual AI copywriting tool?

Is ChatGPT from openai an actual copywriting tool that we, as marketers and creatives, can use to our advantage? #chatgpt

Look, I’m not here to advocate the misuse of AI tools to copy, steal, and cheat. That is wrong no matter how you squeeze it.


There’s been lots of talk about AI in the creative and content world.

Tools are popping up everyday that may (or may not) just replace human creation.

Art. Copywriting. Content. Video production.

All can made using AI tools.

One of the recent ones that’s been taking over the “copy” world is ChatGPT.

Sure, you could use it to write your High School English paper – please don’t!

But you could also use it to produce a backing track to your video script…

Not that terrible of an idea.

Tune in to see how I did it.

For real.

For an actual client project.

00:00 Intro
00:35 The ChatGPT Tool
01:30 Final Thoughts – Is AI Cheating the World?

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