Working at Jasper | Core Values

Working at Jasper | Core Values

At Jasper, all things we do are built upon 4 core values:
1. Be Customer Obsessed
2. Be a Team Player
3. Be Scrappy
4. Own It

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of our philosophy! Forget about cheesy motivational posters and “rah-rah” slogans; we hire people for who they are, not what walls tell them. It’s part of the DNA of the people we hire. So let’s dive into each one:

Be Scrappy:
Problem solve, be resourceful and creative. Always look for ways to improve and get ahead. We are a company of determined and persistent, go-getters!

Own it:
Take initiative and accountability! We believe in celebrating our wins and owning our failures, because thats where true growth happens.

Be Customer Obsessed:
We prioritize our customers needs by keeping them at the center of our decision making. We take pride in listening to our customers and delivering a product that works for them. When our customers win, we win.

Be a team player:
We believe the best outcomes are achieved through collaboration. We are committed to respecting each others ideas and being resources for our teammates when asked for help.

Does your heart start racing when you read these? Is there an inner voice that’s saying, “This is awesome”? Are you nodding literally right now as your reading this?

If so, a career at Jasper might be a great fit.

When you’re ready to make your next big career move, head over to to check out open positions and apply.

Work includes great perks (and no jerks!)

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Whether you’re at our Austin HQ, Salt Lake City office, or remote from around the US you’ll be doing the best work of your life.

Maybe you know someone who holds the core values. Send them over to check out career opportunities at

Foreign Scrappy at Jasper means chewing the most You can with what you have Whether that be a service that we use or Service that we are you know managing or Creating are they going to help Jasper And I think that's really where we see People go above and beyond a big part of Being Scrappy is not just you know Figuring out how can we do this with the Least amount of resources or kind of Like hack our way to a solution it's Also understanding exactly what's needed So I really love that we approach all The problems that we run into from that Standpoint I feel like I've seen people in every Department take ownership over their Roles and I think what that looks like Is just taking full responsibility they Have something they put their best foot Forward to do it and they do it that Type of culture is contagious owning it Is really breeding a culture that makes Other people own it and then together we Can be motivated and aligned as a Company You know Jasper I think what being a Team player means especially giving our Space where everything is so complicated And chasing so quickly is how we learn And teach each other I think our Customers want Jasper to be like their Assistant like their team member and I

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Think that's enabled by us being team Members with each other as well I've Seen people at Jasper be a team player By engaging with the security team we Never see any hesitation from any of the Teams to get things done to Um make things right and make it make us So that customers have a great Experience I've seen people at Jaster be so Customer obsessed throughout the entire Time I've been here it's kind of part of Our core DNA when a customer has a Problem everybody from the Cs team to Engineering the product of management Leadership is a way to jump on it and Try and make sure that they have a good Experience you know I think what we're Trying to do here is build a product That's phenomenal that provide provides Tremendous value and the only way to do That is to understand exactly what our Customers needs wants and desires are It's really a team effort from the top To bottom of being obsessed with a Customer and we're seeing great results From doing so from from all teams

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